Degree Programs

1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in:
a. Animal Science
b. Crop Science
2. Bachelor of Science in Business Agriculture

Short Course Programs
  1. Organic Agriculture
  2. Soil Health Assessment
  3. Plant Breeding and Genetic Improvement
  4. Animal Breeding and Genetic Improvement
  5. Crop Protection through Beneficial Microorganisms and Insects
  6. Weed Science and Control
  7. Agribusiness Commodity System
  8. Accounting for Farmers
  9. Agri-Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce
  10. Bio-Technology and Society
  11. Urban Landscaping and Business Management
  12. Agroforestry
  13. Agri-Economics
  14. Animal Nutrition
  15. Companion Animal Care and Handling
  16. Agriculture Biochemistry